Benefits of Being Your Own Boss

If you’ve ever considered doing freelance work, starting a small business, etc, you’ve probably thought about the massive benefits of being your own boss. There are many, and they extend far beyond being able to take a day off when you want. Let’s take a look at some of those great benefits.

Flexible Hours – If you’re your own boss, you have much more flexible hours, because you can set them. So, you want to be there to take your kids to soccer practice, catch your son’s football games, or even have dinner with your family. All of these things can be done when you’re your own boss. You can schedule your work time for when it’s convenient for you. Most people with ‘normal’ jobs can’t say this.

Make Your Own Salary – As your own boss, you can easily create goals for the amount of money you want to make, and take actionable steps to achieve those goals. With a normal job, you’re often limited to how much you can make because of salary restrictions and company heads being stingy with overtime. It’s also a lot easier to make more money per hour or week than with a normal job. You can basically write a paycheck to yourself for whatever you want if you’re willing to put in the extra work.

You Get the Credit – If you build a company or a practice up to high levels of success, you’re the one who’s going to get the credit for it – not your manager, your boss, the owner of the place you work. Because you’re all of those things! When you are your own boss, your accomplishments belong to you!

Being your own boss is exhilarating, fun and challenging and it can be extremely rewarding if you have the drive and dedication to make it happen. I became a freelance writer over 10 years ago and I can honestly say that it is the best thing that I have ever done for my family and I – won’t you join me into the wonderful world of freelancing?

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What is the Definition of Freelance Work?

Many people aren’t exactly sure what freelance work is.  How can you be a freelancer if you work with the same company for more than a year?  Can you be a freelancer and receive a salary?  Below, we’ll discuss exactly what the definition of freelance work is and what it means to you.

A freelancer is someone who has chosen a specific industry and has learned all they can about that industry – we’ll use website writing for an example.  Freelance website writers keep up with the latest trends when it comes to website writing, what is getting results, what clients are asking for, etc. Then, they offer their services to potential clients for money.  Freelancers don’t usually have a commitment with a company on any long-term basis.  This doesn’t mean that a freelancer can’t work with a client for many years on and off – only that they aren’t committed to do so.

Freelancers usually get paid on a job-to-job basis, negotiating the price before the job is set to begin.  The amounts can vary greatly as well – one job could pay a ton more than another job while one client may pay a lot more per word than another client.  The trick is to find what works for the freelancer and what allows them to make money after they’ve invested their time and skills into the project.  Many freelancers do this by determining what their time is worth and then creating their prices based on that.

For instance, if a freelancer wants to make $20 an hour on a 30 hour job, they would quote a price of $600. The freelancer may also factor in other things, such as research time, the subject matter and its difficulty, etc.  In order to pay taxes at the end of the year, the freelance writer usually needs a 1099 from the companies he or she has worked for if that company has paid them over a certain amount of money for the year – usually $600.  Freelance work can be very rewarding and challenging for those who are cut out for it.

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Secrets of a Freelance Writer

If you’ve just started out as a freelance writer, you may be thinking that some serious tips and tricks couldn’t hurt you.  It can be difficult to find work as a freelance writer at first, but sticking it out and utilizing the secrets below can really help you get the work rolling in.

Marketing Yourself – As a freelance writer, you should always be marketing yourself.  This never stops, no matter how successful you become.  Create profiles on Twitter and Facebook and interact with people who may be in need of your services.  This includes business owners, website owners, etc.  Let it be known what you do, but don’t spam individuals, as you’re not likely to get work that way.

Freelancing Sites – When all else fails, freelancing sites, like Elance, can be a great way to pull in some extra work.  There are tricks to getting jobs on the freelancing sites, though.  For instance, submitting multiple proposals often can increase your chances and creating specific proposals can also increase your chances.  Generic proposals that you give to several project creators are not likely to win.  However, if you create an individualized proposal that really addresses the project creator’s problems and offers them great solutions, they will certainly notice you above the other providers.

Networking – Approach website designer companies, logo companies and others who have clients that you might be able to help.  You can offer them deals on content if they refer clients to you and promise to refer clients to them as well.  This can create a great referral-based business as a freelance writer and can really help you get jobs.  Most people are more likely to try a freelance writer that has been recommended to them by others.

By using these freelance writing secrets, you can make a success of your freelance career and really pull in the jobs.

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