Can You Really Use Elance to Get Freelance Work?

Many people are skeptical as to whether or not Elance is a legitimate freelancing site to work with, so let me put those fears to rest.  Elance is most definitely legitimate – they are reliable with pay and give you more than one option for withdrawals, including paper checks and PayPal.  You can also now opt to use the Elance debit card to access your money.  I have been an Elance service provider for over 10 years and have successfully completed over 800+ projects to date. Although I do use other online and offline marketing methods, Elance is my absolute favorite way to market myself – simply because the system works and it works well.

While there are and always will be individuals who post projects and don’t intend on paying, Elance does what they can to ensure that it doesn’t happen at their site. Project posters can put their credit card numbers on file so Elance can verify that funds are available to pay for the projects.  Also, most freelancers (like me) request an upfront payment at the start of the project or at least ask that their money be placed in escrow at the very least to ensure that they get paid.

The cool thing about Elance is that it is an online marketplace that welcomes all types of  qualified freelancers – from writers and proofreaders to website designers, logo designers, researchers, and many more.  Another great thing about Elance is that they allow you to have a free account with a limited number of ‘connects’ with which you bid on projects.  If you’re not sure about Elance, create one of these free accounts and check it out.  You’ll get the hang of it quickly and see how the process works.

To me, Elance is better than many freelancing sites, because project posters are encouraged to pay freelancers fair amounts for the work they do.  Elance has required minimums posted and your quality score will suffer if you don’t bid at least the minimum on projects. With the feedback program, it’s easy to rate and comment about the work experience and how the transaction went so that others can be aware as well. Elance is a great online marketplace to find freelance work, as long as you research before submitting proposals and carefully scrutinize buyers via their feedback, profiles, and online reputations.

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